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Blank chromatogram or table in TargetLynx for one of the MRM transitions - WKB8598

Article number: 8598


  • No chromatogram or data of any kind in TargetLynx for this one compound in all of the sample runs
  • No data in the TargetLynx table for this one compound


  • TargetLynx


The mass in the TargetLynx method does not match up with the mass in the ms method.

Although MassLynx rounds off to two decimal places in the chromatogram window, if the ms method uses three or four decimal places, these need to be reflected in the TargetLynx method for that transition.

This means that right-clicking in the chromatogram window only brings the first two decimal places into the TargetLynx method. If the ms method has more, it will not be brought over.


  1. Edit the TargetLynx method to have the exact same parent and daughter masses that are in the MS method. 
  2. Save the TargetLynx method.
  3. Reprocess the data. 


For TargetLynx, the parent and the daughter ion cannot be the exact same mass in an MRM transition, and the parent ion is expected to be larger. In order to display the parent select a daughter mass of 0.0001 Da less than the parent in both the MS method and the TargetLynx method (e.g. 609.2812->609.2811).

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