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TargetLynx or QuanLynx crashes with "Quantify MFC Application" error when processing Tof MSMS data - WKB27601

Article number: 27601


  • TargetLynx or QuanLynx crashes with a "Quantify MFC" error if the peaks to be processed are from different Tof MSMS functions
  • When you try to process samples, the browser opens but no results are present and the application freezes
  • The typical error message is "Quantify MFC Application has encountered a problem and needs to close" or "Quantify.exe - Application Error"



  • TargetLynx
  • QuanLynx
  • Any MassLynx 4.1 or 4.2 SCN installed on a MassLynx acquisition PC on a Tof system (e.g., SCN 949 on Xevo G2 XS, SCN 983 on SYNAPT G2-Si)


Software defect


  1. Use TargetLynx in the current release of MassLynx Desktop (e.g., SCN 909), as advised in the SCN release notes.

Tof instrument control software no longer supports data processing.

Note: QuanLynx is not available in the current release of MassLynx Desktop.


Multiple peaks on a single Tof MSMS function are processed correctly.  

Multiple Tof MS functions are processed correctly.

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