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No communications with old FTP type MS; errror "Can't load boot file!!" in Hyperterminal log - WKB19532

Article number: 19532


  • Old FTP type MS cannot boot
  • Can ping EPC, but it cycles through pings and no pings
  • Hyperterminal log shows cycling through the reboot sequence:


    boot device: fei
    unit number: 0
    processor number: 0
    host name: bootHost
    file name: /masslynx/vxWorks/vxWorks.cre
    inet on Ethernet (e):
    host inet (h):
    user (u): Micromass
    ftp password (pw): analysis
    flags (f): 0x0
    target name (tn): vxtarget
    startup script (s): bootHost:/masslynx/vxworks/script.txt
    other (o): fei

    Found FEI device 0x2449 [unit=0 pciBus=1 pciDevice=8 pciFunc=0]

    Attached TCP/IP interface to fei0.
    Attaching network interface lo0... done.
    Loading... User cannot log in.

    Error loading file: errno = 0x212.
    Can't load boot file!!


  • MassLynx
  • Quattro Premier
  • Q-Tof micro
  • Q-Tof Premier
  • Q-Tof Ultima
  • Quattro LC
  • Quattro Micro
  • Quattro Micro GC
  • Quattro Premier
  • Quattro Ultima
  • Windows 7


Micromass user account is present on the PC but disabled.


  1. Enable the Micromass account using the check box in User Account Management.


For FTP communications type mass spectrometers, the Micromass account MUST be present and activated and have the analysis password or the instrument cannot communicate.

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