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How do you link a calibration file in MassLynx? - WKB14550

Article number: 14550


  • MassLynx


  1. Launch the tune page.
  2. Select calibration, and then select set linked calibration.
  3. Browse to C:\MassLynx\Intellistart\Results\(the desired resolution mode) and select the latest calibration file.
  4. Select the link.


Find the LM and HM Resolution and ion energy settings that go with the calibration by doing the following:

  • Once the calibration is linked, go to the tune page, select the calibration dropdown menu and then select calibrate instrument. It will give the MS1 and MS2 LM and HM resolution settings and the ion energy (IE).
  • The steps above work only for positive ion mode; for negative ion mode, browse to: C:\MassLynx\\ and open the Resolution_negative_Date.html to get the settings. 

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