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Error : 40:subscribetodata: the start time specified is beyond the limits of the data buffer with Agilent 7890 and Empower - WKB9279

Article number: 9279


  • Agilent 7890 disconnecting after a few injections
  • Empower message center shows error 40:subscribetodata: the start time specified is beyond the limits of the data buffer 
  • Not a new method


  • Agilent 7890 GC
  • Empower 3 
  • Client server
  • Agilent 7890 Instrument Control Software Version 2.5




  1. In the LAC/E, log in to Empower > Configure the system > Highlight system > Take offline.
  2. Delete/remove Configure DHCP entries. 
  3. Delete/remove in Instruments tab of Node Properties.
  4. Ensure that Instrument LAN is set with correct IP (for example,, and can ping this address on node).
  5. Power-down instruments and LAC/E, and include external switch if present.
  6. Power-up LAC/E and allow OS to launch.
  7. Power-up GC7890 and wait until instrument is idle.
  8. When all components are added, ping all instruments by IP.
  9. When all are in Waters DHCP Server Configuration.exe, log in to Empower, go to Configuration Manager, select Node Properties and go to Instruments tab.  
  10. All components should be in Instruments tab with a Yes as OK.
  11. When the 7890 says Yes in Instruments tab, create Chromatographic systems in Configuration Manager (File > New > Chromatographic System). Save system.
  12. Open Run Samples and create new Instrument method and test run injections.  
  13. If this does not resolve the issue, go to C:\Empower\instrumentServer\instsrv.dat, delete file, and recreate all systems. (Please note that deleting the instsrv.dat file will delete all system configurations on the node).


Make sure that the Empower Workstation Windows clock and the GC clock are synchronized, if not, then update them and restart them both.  Synchronize GC is a function of Agilent ICF 3.0. 

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