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What are the informatics hardware upgrades for Windows 10? - WKB84101

Article number: 84101


  • Empower
  • MassLynx
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 10


As of January 14, 2020, Windows 7 will be considered an unsupported platform.  Microsoft will no longer provide security updates, hotfixes, technical support and troubleshooting for this operating system.  Computers running on Windows 7 will become vulnerable and customers may be exposed to threats affecting the ability to remain compliant, especially in highly regulated environments.  Without continued operating system maintenance, this may result in potential software incompatibility issues as well as declining performance and reliability of systems and software reliant on the operating system. 

This correspondence provides information regarding Windows 7 and Windows 10 for Waters Informatics Hardware products.

Refer to specific software release notes for Windows 10 support status.

The table below summarizes the options available for customers to upgrade their existing Informatics Hardware to Windows 10:

Hardware Platform



Availability of Windows 10 image



C20, C30, P500 Workstations

No image available, customer must upgrade hardware

P510 Workstation

MassLynx/Progenesis: 667006082 

Empower/UNIFI:  667006185

P710 Workstation

MassLynx/Progenesis:  667006124

P520 Workstation

Ships with Windows 7 (MassLynx only) or Windows 10. Windows 10 image: 667006026

P720 Workstation

Ships with Windows 7 (MassLynx only) or Windows 10.  Windows 10 image: 667006027.

Configuration 14 LAC/E and earlier

Not supported on Windows 10, customer must upgrade hardware.

Configuration 15 LAC/E

Ships with Windows 7. Windows 10 images: 667005670 for serial number less than C16L32487W and 667005743 for serial number greater than C16L32487W.

Configuration 16 LAC/E (all forms of the Configuration 16)

Windows 10 image: 667005607.


Contact Lori Takalo for options.



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