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Empower message when attempting to take system offline - "SystemName" is currently in use by user "System" - WKB8362

Article number: 8362


  • Empower 3 message when attempting to take system offline - System "SystemName" is currently in use by user "System". You must have the user power-down the system  and exit Run Samples cleanly before taking the system offline.


  • Empower 3 
  • Empower 2


A user process to that particular system is still connected and needs to be closed. 


  1. Ensure that the user has closed all connections to the system and project.
  2. Inspect the View/System Monitor in Configuration Manager to see the system and project that is still in use.
  3. Ensure that the instrument method properties in the specified project has cleared any users that are "being edited by".
  4. Have the user log into Empower with the specified system and project, start a run, and then abort and exit.
  5. Restart the LAC/E or acquisition computer that the system is connected to when all other acquisition completes.
  6. Take system offline.


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