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What are the differences between QuickStart, Pro, and Walk-Up in Empower? - WKB7737

Article number: 7737


  • Empower 2
  • Empower 3



  • This interface is designed for everyday users.
  • Use it to acquire data, analyze results, and create reports.
  • The one-screen design lets you navigate the software easily by clicking a function in the navigation bar.


  • This interface is designed for a research chemist or system administrator; it allows full access to all software functions, including system management functions that control various parts of the software.
  • Use this interface to add or modify user accounts, view projects in multiple-project mode, create custom field views, and project audit trails.
  • The Empower Pro window has six buttons that access key software functions: Run Samples, Browse Report, Configure System, Process Data, Review Data, and Print Data.


  • This interface is designed for high-throughput laboratories where users walk up to a computer system and run samples using predetermined methods.
  • It provides access to all software functions.
  • The Walk-Up window contains only information specific to the sample set, so the training requirements are minimal. You can choose to run samples individually or use an established routine.


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