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Changing syringe size in Empower for a 7890B does not take effect - WKB7157

Article number: 7157


  • In Empower, not able to select 0.5 uL as a syringe volume on the control panel for the GC 7890B
  • In run samples, in Customize > Defaults > GC Syringe Info Defaults, when you select a specific GC syringe size, the GC 7890B does not recognize the correct syringe size.
  • When using the wizard to create a new sample set, and choosing the GC syringe size using the "GC syringe info" button, the GC 7890B still does not recognize the correct syringe size.


  • GC 7890B
  • Empower 3 Feature Release 2 


This defect is reported in PCS 47438. Do not enable the GS syringe button for the 7890 in Empower. 


  1. PCS 47438 is open and under investigation. Configure the syringe size on the 7890 control panel (via blue hyperlink). 


The Syringe Size A and B columns that are available columns in the Project window are only specific to the 6890 (taken from the GC Syringe Info).  It is a common misconception that this also refers to the 6850 and 7890 GC acquisition details however, these are only available in the Post Run report group and Instrument Methods.  Please note another defect, PCS 56077: GC 7890 Syringe Size not reported correctly.  This is evident when selecting the Post Run report group in Preview/Publisher.

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