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How Empower exports raw data in AIA format to import into similar software - WKB65425

Article number: 65425


Export raw data in AIA format

Import AIA data into similar software


  • Empower


  1. Access the Project window.
  2. Select File > New Method > Export Method. The Export Method Editor appears.
  3. Click the Raw Data tab.
  4. Type up to 32 characters for the filename. Empower software will adds four additionalcharacters (the ID from the database) to the end of the filename at the time of export.
  5. Check File after AIA and select the appropriate file path after then
  6. clipboard_edaf6458db2a4b964fc1011133bc623a3.png
  7. Save export method name
  8. In Result tab, select the data to export, right click and select Export, and select the method you just created.
  9. clipboard_e178f4214639b98f58bf3f9087d35aa7b.png
  10. Files in .cdf format will be found under the file path.


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