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Is the Thermo Dionex ICS-6000 supported on Empower and LAC/E? - WKB62560

Article number: 62560


  • Empower
  • LAC/E (Config 15, Config 16, eLAC/E, cLAC/E)


The Thermo Dionex ICS-6000 is not listed on the Empower Instrument control list and is thus not specifically tested for compatibility by Waters. It is also not specifically tested by Waters for compatibility with the LAC/E PC hardware.

It is listed in the release notes for Thermo's Standard Instrument Integration (SII) Driver, which is developed and provided by Thermo.

It is detailed as supported on Empower 3 FR4 and Windows 10, but there is no specification of the PC hardware it is tested on. 

The customer should have a discussion with Thermo regarding the following:

  • What specific PC hardware configuration is compatible?
  • Required USB interfaces for operation
  • All other considerations for connection to Empower


It is the responsibility of Thermo to test compatibility with the driver it is providing.

It is the customer's responsibility to fully discuss the requirements for connection to Empower with Thermo.

Instruments NOT listed in the control list (List of Supported Instruments - SII 1.0 for Empower.pdfRelease Notes - Dionex SII for Empower 1.0.pdfQS-Instrument-Integration-Empower-EN.pdf) have either not been tested for compatibility or the information has not been provided to Waters by the third party.

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