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Equilibrate function runs like Condition Column function in Empower with Agilent LC instruments - WKB6111

Article number: 6111


  • Equilibrate is programmed in the function column of run samples that should only run initial conditions with a run time of 30 minutes
  • Instrument method run time is set to 20 minutes
  • When the sample set is running on equilibrate, it runs through the gradient (20 minutes), and then runs initial conditions for the remainder of the time 


  • Empower 3
  • Agilent 1100
  • Driver


The "equilibrate" function operates the same as "condition column" with Agilent 1100 and Driver 


PCS 49105 was submitted for this issue. It was corrected in ICF Support v.2.2. When using the Agilent ICF, using Baseline Monitor or the Equilibrate function in Run Samples or QuickStart causes the instrument to use the gradient values instead of remaining at initial conditions. This behavior was corrected as of ICF Support v2.2.


Work-around: set up a method set with the specific initial conditions to run for equilibrate.


Equilibrate function operates the same as condition column with Agilent 1100 and Driver Run time on the instrument method is 20 minutes and run time for equilibrate is 30 minutes; the gradient will run for the first 20 minutes of the run, then for the last 10 minutes, it will run with initial conditions until the next line in the sample set. 

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