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How to interpret the Status of Injections and Channels in Empower 3 SR3 - WKB59402

Article number: 59402


New functionality was added in SR3 to flag potential problems with chromatographic data in the project view. Previously, potential problems were flagged only with a single message when the data was brought into review. This is now searchable, allowing the user to quickly see data that may require action or investigation.


  • Empower 3 SR3


SR3 status.JPG

  1. All injections start as incomplete, with a channel status of No Data File Created.
    • Injection status normal progression - Incomplete > Complete
    • Channel status normal progression - No data file created > No data acquired > Data being acquired > Acquisition Finished
  2. Clarification of messages on plot - Data Mismatch, Bad Checksum, Data Incomplete, Data File not found, Project directory not found, Problem reading data file.
    • Messages on the plot are in addition to the injection and channel statuses because something happened after acquisition completed.
  3. Must utilize INJECTION STATUS + CHANNEL STATUS + PROCESSING CODES to understand the complete picture.
  4. Verification of this type of data in review (to allow it to be used and processed) is controlled by a privilege.



These statuses do not refer to new error types or previously unseen issues. The process is flagging them earlier only to allow customers to take action and investigate. Previously, the same errors were highlighted only when the data was reviewed.

Injection and Channel Status Overview with Data Incomplete 1.1_External.pptx

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