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Can Empower 3 named user licenses be activated on multiple databases? - WKB480

Article number: 480


  • Empower 3 Enterprise


Since Empower 3, Named User licenses can be activated on up to five different databases.

This is intended to allow the same user access to multiple databases, for example, Dev and Test, without having to purchase additional licenses.

For example, a 5 pack of Named User Licenses can be activated on five different databases as well as a 20 pack. This is intended to have the same user connecting to all five databases. 


We now support multi-database named user licensing for Empower 3 Workgroup and Enterprise. 

What products does the multi-database license change affect?  - This change only applies to named user licenses for networked (Workgroup or Enterprise) Empower 3 (Build 3471) initial release, Empower 3 Service Release 1, Empower 3 Feature Release 1 and Empower 3 Feature Release 2.  Empower 3 Network Method Validation Manager named user licenses are also included.

Multi-Database Named User Licenses are not available for Empower 2 (Personal, Workgroup and Enterprise) and Empower 3 Personal.  

In addition, the base licenses for Empower and the options (e.g., System Suitability, MVM base option, etc.) for the additional databases are not included.

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