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How to back up projects in Empower or Breeze 2 - WKB4668

Article number: 4668


Back up projects in Empower.


  • Empower 2.
  • Empower 3.
  • Personal 
  • Client server/ Enterprise


  1. To back up a project, log in to Empower software using an account with the Backup Projects privilege.
  2. Click on Configure the system.
  3. Click on Projects. For a single project, right-click the row number of the project to back up. For multiple projects, press and hold Ctrl, click the row numbers of the projects to back up, and then right-click one of the highlighted rows.
  4. Select Backup Project.
  5. In the Backup Project Wizard, the Comment Entry page appears if applicable. Confirm that you selected the correct project(s) to back up, and then enter a comment in the text box (a comment is required) and click Next. 
  6. The select destination page appears.
  7. Click the option button to specify a path for the project backup files.
  8. Click Browse to open the Browse for Folder dialog box and specify the destination path for the backed-up files. Click Next. 
  9. The Backup Display page appears. It displays Oracle messages as the project converts to export format. When the export process finishes, click Next.
  10. The Start page appears. To back up the indicated path using your backup program, click Start Backup Software (or the name you specified for this button when you configured your backup utility in the Backup Options dialog box ). If you don't have the optional backup utility, skip this step.
  11. On the last page, click Finish.



  • This process is identical in Breeze 2 Software.
  • If on an Empower Enterprise server, please perform backup directly from a FAT client or the Database server. Avoid mapped network when performing backup.

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