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ACQUITY QDa communication failure in Empower - WKB29773

Article number: 29773


  • QDa does not appear in the ACQUITY Console window
  • Cannot reset the QDa from the Empower Run Samples window
  • No data for the QDa in the Run Samples window


  • Empower 3
  • ACQUITY QDa Mass Detector


Lost communication


  1. Open "Configure the System" from the main Empower window.
  2. Highlight "Nodes".
  3. Highlight the node that the QDa is connected to.
  4. Right-click on the highlighted node and choose "properties".
  5. Click on the "Configure DHCP" tab.
  6. Click the "Configure DHCP" button.
  7. Highlight the entry in the table for the QDa.
  8. Click the "Remove" button below the table.
  9. Power-off the QDa.
  10. Close all Empower windows and log out of Empower.
  11. Run the Stop ACQUITY Processes command from the C drive/Empower/Instruments/Bin folder.
  12. Reboot the node connected to the QDa.
  13. Once the node reboots, power-on the QDa.
  14. Log in to Empower and repeat steps 1 through 6.
  15. Verify that the QDa is again listed in the table.
  16. Close all Empower windows except the main window.
  17. Open Run Samples and start controlling the QDa.


This is only one solution for a communication failure. There may be others.


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