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What is the "Suppress data mismatch errors in reports" privilege ? - WKB2113

Article number: 2113


  • Empower 3 FR2 and up


  • The privilege means that it conceals mismatch errors on reports.
  • If the Report Method format is different from the data that you are trying to bring into this report method, then there is a data mismatch. An example would be trying to pull 3D PDA data into a report method that is designed with 2D data in mind. There are data that may not be applicable to the tables, therefore there is a mismatch. If you select this privilege, then you do not see the errors, which only show the applicable data select for the report that is selected.


  1. Bring a result in preview publisher.
  2. Click close.
  3. Right-click the report, and click method properties.

The box called Suppress errors appears. ( see screen shot below)

  1. If you have the  "Suppress Data Mismatch Errors in Reports" privilege, then you can check the box that says, "Suppress data mismatch and wrong chrom channel type errors" to exclude data mismatch and wrong chromatogram channel type errors from reports.

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