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6890 with Equinox not communicating with Empower - WKB1879

Article number: 1879


  • In Empower Node Properties, 6890 status is No.
  • The Serial ports are unavailable in the Empower software under Node Properties.
  • Shows up in device manager under Multiport Serial Adapter COM 3-10.


  • Empower 3 FR1 and below
  • Serial connection
  • Equinox
  • Agilent 6890 GC


Improper connection.

Proper driver not loaded.


  1. Connect the flat serial cable provided with the kit and the DB-9 RJ45 to the RS-232 adapter. This adapter should then plug in to the modem/RS-232 port on the back of the 6890 (not the Ethernet port).
  2. Configure the GC in the front panel. (See GC getting started guide - pages 20 and 21 to configure the 6890 from the front panel.)
  3. Install the Equinox version. This is the latest version found in CD part number 667003119, which also contains a PDF file with complete instructions on how to install (see attached documents and link).


Unable to install Equinox driver – COM3 through COM10 unavailable

If you have an old version of the Equinox driver installed, try the following:

1. Remove the adapter from Device Manager.

2. Power-down the computer and remove the Equinox card, and then start the procedure to install.

You can also update the driver by selecting driver to install (remember to click "Have Disk..." in the wizard).

1. Select version to install by browsing to mapped drive.
2. Reboot the computer and try to assign COM 3 to the Multi-port serial card in the Device Manager applet. Note: It may not succeed, because the port could indicate that COM 3 is in use.
3. Delete all eight ports from the Ports list in the Device Manager.
4. In the Ports list, right-click Communications Port (Port 1), and then select Properties > Port Settings - Advanced.
5. Select COM 3.
6. Click OK.
7. Repeat these steps for COM 4 through COM 10, and then reset to COM 1.
  Note: It should now be possible to assign the Multi-port serial card to COM 3.
8. Scan for hardware changes. (The Found New Hardware wizard runs for each of the eight ports.)
9. Select version from the drivers list for each port.
10. Connect GC to Acquisition Node, and then select the correct Serial Port in Acquisition Node Properties. The instrument should appear in the Instruments tab.


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