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Agilent 6890 Empower 3 SR2 error: Can only run dual tower enabled method in dual tower mode - WKB1430

Article number: 1430


  • When attempting to load a method on a GC, the user encounters the error message "Can only run dual tower enabled method in dual tower mode".


  • Empower 3 SR2 and later
  • Agilent 6890 GC with single tower ALS


  • Beginning with Empower 2 FR5, the F:/B: prefix to vial numbers was required because of added supported for dual tower mode without dual towers installed.
  • With the release of Empower 3 SR2, there was another change. The F:/B: prefix are only required if two towers are installed. Otherwise, you only need vial number.


  • Add a second tower or alter the sample sets to use the correct vial syntax.
  • It is necessary to create new methods. Existing methods cannot be modified.

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