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Empower will not archive more than 10,000 system audit trail records in TEXT mode - WKB10718

Article number: 10718


  • Empower does not archive all system audit trail records when using TEXT mode
  • When trying to archive more than 10,000 audit trail records, it only archives 10,000, which is the maximum view


  • Empower 2
  • Empower 3


PCS 48839 was opened for this issue. When archiving and removing the system audit trail using the TEXT mode, Empower 2 limits the number of entries archived to the number specified for Max Rows. The work-around is to use the BINARY mode to archive the system audit trail.

This was not fixed in Empower 2. PCS 48840 was opened for the same issue in Empower 3. This issue was closed in Empower 3 SR2 by adding a statement in Empower that warns the user that only 10,000 entries can be archived to text at a time.



  1. Work-around: Use BINARY mode to archive system audit trail.


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