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Will RapiFluor-MS work on sulfated glycans and can SimGlycan identify the sulfonation? - WKB65655

Article number: 65655


  • GlycoWorks RapiFluor-MS
  • Glycan labelling
  • Sulfated Glycans 




RapiFluor-MS will work perfectly fine with glycans that have sulphate group.

A neutral loss of 80 Da indicates the loss of a SO3 group upon MS/MS fragmentation. Simglycan can annotate the fragment ions.

This work can be referenced in the application note Analysis of N-Linked Glycans from Coagulation Factor IX, Recombinant and Plasma Derived, Using HILIC UPLC/FLR/QTof MS. The work in this paper used the 2AB label, however, it has been proven that 2AB and RFMS tagged glycans shows similar fragmentation pathways up CID, therefore, there is high confidence that RFMS labeled sulphate containing glycans will give you the -80 Da fragment ions.

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