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Will RapiFluor-MS work on sulfated glycans, and can SimGlycan identify the sulfonation? - WKB65655

Article number: 65655


  • GlycoWorks RapiFluor-MS
  • Glycan labeling
  • Sulfated glycans 




RapiFluor-MS works well with glycans that have a sulphate group.

A neutral loss of 80 Da indicates the loss of a SO3 group upon MS/MS fragmentation. SimGlycan can annotate the fragment ions.

This work can be referenced in the application note Analysis of N-Linked Glycans from Coagulation Factor IX, Recombinant and Plasma Derived, Using HILIC UPLC/FLR/QTof MS. The work in this paper used the 2AB label, but it has been proven that 2AB and RFMS tagged glycans show similar fragmentation pathways up CID; therefore, there is high confidence that RFMS labeled sulphate containing glycans will give you the -80 Da fragment ions.

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