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How do I calculate capacity factor of acenaphthene on a reversed-phase C18 column using part number 186006363 (Reversed-Phase QC Reference Material)? - WKB48015

Article number: 48015


  • Symmetry C18 Column
  • QC Reference Material
  • capacity factor
  • k'
  • k prime
  • calculate
  • determine
  • peak of interest



Capacity Factor (k') =   (Retention time (k) of acenaphthene) – (Retention time (k) of uracil (V0)) / (Retention time (k) of uracil (V0))



Note: Uracil is a void marker for most reversed-phase C18 columns.  However, C18 columns specially designed to retain polar compounds, such as ACQUITY UPLC HSS T3, XSelect HSS T3, CORTECS T3, and Atlantis dC18, retain uracil. Therefore, uracil cannot be used as a void marker on these packings.

Acetone may be used as a marker for these types of C18 columns.

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