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What is the loading capacity for Oasis Solid Phase Extraction devices? - WKB25301

Article number: 25301


  • Oasis HLB
  • Oasis MCX
  • Oasis MAX
  • Oasis WCX
  • Oasis WAX
  • Vacuum Cartridge
  • 96-Well Plate
  • µElution Plate
  • Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance (HLB)
  • Co-polymer
  • Polymeric sorbent
  • Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)
  • Sample Preparation
  • Mixed-Mode
  • Ion Exchange Capacity


Up to 10% of the sorbent weight.


The loading capacity for Oasis SPE devices can vary greatly depending on many variables—the nature of the target compound (size, polarity, etc.), the loading solvent (organic level), complexity of the sample matrix (other retained compounds), and loading flow rate, to name only a few. 

Under ideal conditions, Oasis SPE devices can retain up to approximately 10% of its mass during a typical solid-phase extraction. 

For example, a 1-cc/30-mg Oasis HLB cartridge may be able to retain up to 3 mg of a relatively hydrophobic compound being loaded slowly (around 1 mL/min) from a neat water solution.

For true loading capacity values for any specific application under specific use conditions, a loading study is required.

NOTE: Loading capacity for biomolecules can be significantly less than small molecules by more than one magnitude. 

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