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What is the difference between a T3 trifunctional column and a C18 trifunctional column? - WKB73010

Article number: 73010


  • HPLC columns
  • ACQUITY UPLC columns


A T3 trifunctional column differs from a C18 trifunctional column in terms of carbon coverage and ligand density, though both are covalently attached to the base particle in the same way. T3 columns have a lower carbon coverage, and they are less hydrophobic than a normal C18 trifunctional column.The proprietary trifunctional T3 bonding and endcapping technology yields packing materials with superior low-pH stability. T3 bonding utilizes a trifunctional C18 alkyl phase bonded at a ligand density that promotes polar compound analysis and is compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phase.



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