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What is the difference between an XBridge C18 2.5-µm HPLC column and an XBridge C18 2.5-µm XP column? - WKB67562

Article number: 67562


  • column
  • XBridge
  • 2.5
  • HPLC 
  •  XP 
  • hardware
  • pressure


The difference between the XBridge 2.5-µm HPLC column and the XBridge 2.5-µm XP format is that the column HPLC hardware used in manufacture of the columns is rated to operational pressures of approximately 6000 psi. The XBridge 2.5-µm chemistry in XP format is packed into hardware that can withstand much higher pressures.


The column configuration, dimensions, and sorbent are the same.

For additional information about the specific columns in question and operational pressure ratings, see the XBridge Columns Care and Use Manual and the XBridge XP 2.5 µm Columns Care and Use Manual.

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