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Does Waters have a used column recycling program? - WKB6249

Article number: 6249


  • Used columns
  • column disposal
  • column recycling program


Waters does not have a program to take back or dispose of used columns.


In the US, the regulations differ from state to state, and there are also federal laws and regulations. 
For most columns, the metal and the silica particles are not regarded as hazardous, but solvents in the column, such as acetonitrile, may be considered hazardous. 
Different treatments may be required, based on the volume of the solvents in the column, the makeup of those solvents, and the specific state regulations.      
In some cases, columns may be flushed with water and disposed of as regular trash. 

Ultimately, the customer is responsible for knowing and abiding by local and federal laws and regulations.

Customers should contact their local Environmental Health and Safety Office for additional guidance.

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