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Should I use an ACQUITY UPLC BEH200 SEC column or an ACQUITY UPLC BEH450 SEC column for analysis of IgG aggregates? - WKB52114

Article number: 52114


  • ACQUITY BEH SEC columns
  • IgG aggregates


ACQUITY UPLC BEH200 SEC columns are a good choice.


The molecular weight range for ACQUITY UPLC BEH200 SEC columns is from 10,000 Daltons to 450,000 Daltons. Because the molecular weight of IgG is typically around 150,000 Daltons (150 kDa), the BEH200 SEC columns should be able to resolve the intact IgG monomer (150 kDa), the dimer (300 kDa), and the trimer (450 kDa).

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