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What is the difference between XBridge C18 and XBridge BEH C18? - WKB50156

Article number: 50156


  • XBridge columns
  • Bridged Ethylene Hybrid (BEH)


XBridge C18 and XBridge BEH C18 are the same packing.


XBridge C18 and XBridge BEH C18 are made with the same BEH (bridged ethylene hybrid) particle. In some cases, the column label indicates "XBridge C18", while the Waters website lists the more descriptive name "XBridge BEH C18".  The two names apply to the same particle design.

XBridge = HPLC column version of the BEH particle:   available in 2.5um, 3.5um, 5um particle size

BEH = The general particle technology

ACQUITY = sub 2 um particle technology

XP = Refers to the 2.5um particle version of the XBridge column. It is packed in ACQUITY hardware

Hybrid Particle Technology: Part 2: BEH: White Paper (lit code 720001159en):

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