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How can I get a copy of a Waters column certificate of analysis (C of A), including the column efficiency test report and the batch test certificate of analysis? - WKB48193

Article number: 48193


  • Column Certificate of Analysis
  • Batch Test Certificate of Analysis
  • COA
  • Efficiency Test
  • column
  • guard
  • C of A
  • Efficiency Test Certificate
  • chemistry consumable


To find this information, go to

  1. Select Services & Support > Support Library > Request Certificate of Analysis.
  2. Enter the part number.
  3. Enter the 10-digit lot number.
  4. Click "Yes" for Efficiency report.
  5. Enter only the last four digits of the 14-digit serial number, with no spaces.
  6. Click on "submit".
  7. The results should show two documents. 

One document will have the 10-digit lot number. This is the batch test certificate.

The second document will have the lot number plus the four-digit serial number. This is your individual column efficiency test certificate.

If C of A documents are not available, you are given the option to email Waters. (See the specific email address given to you on the website if no documents come up.)



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