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How do I connect the Vanguard precolumn to an ACQUITY column? - WKB48031

Article number: 48031


Connect VanGuard Column Protection to an ACQUITY UPLC column and minimize any void space in the connection.


  • VanGuard Column Protection 
  • BEH 1.7um


  1. Carefully emove the black O-ring from the ferrule. (The ferrule is only lightly staked.)
  2. Hold the VanGuard Precolumn with the inlet side of the VanGuard on the bench top and the ferrule end pointing up, away from the bench top.
  3. Bring the column inlet down over the ferrule end of the VanGuard precolumn and join the pieces. Lightly turn the column to stake the ferrule.
  4. Unscrew the column to make sure the ferrule is straight on the tubing.
  5. Rejoin the column inlet to the ferrule and screw in the precolumn finger-tight. Do not overtighten.
  6. Use two wrenches to further tighten the VanGuard precolumn to the inlet of the column, by 1/4-turns past finger-tight. It is normal to see some threads. Do not overtighten.

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