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What is the difference between XBridge BEH C18 and XBridge Peptide BEH130 C18? - WKB45216

Article number: 45216


  • XBridge columns


Both designations refer to the same particle technology (Bridged Ethylene Hybrid). XBridge C18 is the naming convention for HPLC small-molecule columns, which undergo quality control testing specific for small molecules. XBridge Peptide BEH130 C18 (or XBridge Peptide BEH300 C18) is the naming convention for HPLC biomolecule columns.  The bulk material used to pack XBridge Peptide BEH130 C18 and XBridge Peptide BEH300 C18 undergoes quality control testing using a cytochrome C tryptic digest. 


Cytochrome C Digestion Standard (186006371) - Care & Use Manual:


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