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How to troubleshoot split peaks on an ACQUITY UPLC column - WKB28044

Article number: 28044


Troubleshoot split peaks on an ACQUITY UPLC column.


  • ACQUITY UPLC column
  • Split peaks


  1. Put a fresh column on the system, and add a guard column if appropriate. 
  2. Inject benchmarking standard to confirm that the fresh column shows good peak shape. 
  3. Run your normal mobile phase conditions through the column for as many cycles as it takes to see the split peaks; make no injections. 
  4. After the mobile phase cycles are complete, inject the benchmarking standard again. Does the peak split? If yes, there is contamination in the flow path coming from the reservoirs through to the column. Take steps to decontaminate the system. If no, move on to the next step.
  5. Inject blank solution that contains the liquid components of your sample diluent (e.g., water only, water and organic, or water and buffer).
  6. Run the mobile phase conditions with the injected blanks for as many cycles as it takes to see the split peaks.
  7. Does the peak split after this exercise?  If yes, the injector is contaminated. Take steps to clean the injector.

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