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What are general tips for column cleaning? - WKB23409

Article number: 23409


  • HPLC
  • UPLC
  • Columns
  • clean
  • when to clean
  • what to use
  • tips
  • care and use


  • The optimal cleaning protocol might best be selected after determining what has built up on the column.
  • Most Waters Column Care & Use Manuals recommend a range of cleaning solvents.
  • Reverse Phase Columns can be cleaned by ramping up to a high percentage of strong organic solvent and holding for a period of time. 
  • Customers should make the decision on what type of cleaning routine (clean more often, for shorter periods of time, for longer periods of time, less often) is in their best interest.
    • At the end of each injection.
    • At the end of each run (Sample Set).
    • At the end of each day.
    • Once or twice per week.
  • Cleaning is always more effective at a lower flow rate.
  • Longer is better; overnight is optimal.
  • For any extensive column cleaning, flow to waste, not to detector.
  • Avoid cleaning columns if you suspect that the source of contamination is the instrument or the mobile phase.


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