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Can I use SunFire silica columns for normal phase as well as HILIC separations? - WKB190959

Article number: 190959


  • SunFire
  • Normal-phase separation
  • Hydrophilic interaction chromatography (HILIC)




SunFire Silica columns ship in normal-phase solvents. These are intended primarily for normal-phase separations. 

It is possible to use them for HILIC separations, if you convert from normal-phase solvents to HILIC solvents. For example, if the column is in hexane, flush with isopropanol for 10 column volumes, and then 50:50 ACN/H2O for 50 column volumes (minimum), and then initial 95:5 ACN/H2O for 20 column volumes. Note that when a silica column is exposed to water, it may not have the same selectivity when run in normal-phase solvents again, because water will be adsorbed to the silica.

SunFire Columns Care & Use Manual


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