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Is there a Waters column equivalent to the PolyCatA column for hemoglobin analysis? - WKB190906

Article number: 190906


  • Column equivalency
  • Weak cation exchange




The closest Waters column chemistry options are the BioSuite Cation exchange HPLC columns. These are sulfonic acid based polymer columns for strong cation exchange.

The short, PEEK column is 4.6 x 50 mm, 7 µm, 1000 Å pore size - 186002182.
There is a 2.5-µm nonporous option in stainless steel hardware, 4.6 x  35mm - 186002183.

The PolyCart A is described by PolyLC as a silica-based particle bonded with polyaspartic acid for weak cation exchange. The hemoglobin variant analysis uses either 5 µm, 1000-Å pore size or 3 µm, 1500-Å pore size with fast screening chromatography on 4.6 x 35-mm columns or more involved separation on 4.6 x 100-mm columns.


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